April Kepner + parallels

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My person connect the dots! Well played!

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See that, I gave it a name. Now it’s a thing.

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Grey's Anatomy 11x01 Review


Yay Grey’s is back and it came back strong! Halfway into it I realized how smooth it was and how it flowed so much better than any episode in season 9 and 10. I didn’t feel any whip lash even though we have such a huge cast and multiple story lines. There was a focus and everything else either…

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Grey’s anatomy 11x01

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Grey’s Anatomy - Episode 11.01 - Review


As posted on SpoilerTV

Yes back writing and hope to be more regular than last season. Here you go with the first instalment:

We are officially in mourning. Cristina didn’t actually die but her departure from Grey Sloan Memorial leaves us with a huge hole in our hearts and a chasm in the cast. Season eleven of Grey’s Anatomy kicked off Thursday night and we landed straight into the drama we left back in May. No time jump, no shootings and no Yang. “I must have lost it on the wind” was a good episode, worthy of early season promise. It flowed almost too well from season finale in a seamless movement from ten to eleven. In this way it succeeded as a premiere because it took us along the journey as if the last four months were but one week. Though without the drama it has potentially lost ratings. In a mostly strong episode the writers gave us good questions about existing, more established characters and left us wanting to know more about the newbies.

Rather than be worried about the negative impact Oh’s departure episode one has actually provided a lot of hope.

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I’m a swan.

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